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FCJ-105 Materiality of a Simulation: Scratch “Reading” Machine, 1931

Craig Saper Professor of Texts and Technology, University of Central Florida ‘Take any text speed it up slow it down run it backwards inch it and you will hear words that were not in the original recording new words made by the machine different people will scan out different words of course but some of […]

FCJ-104 Materialities of Law: Celebrity Production and the Public Domain

Esther Milne Media & Communications, Swinburne University of Technology The brand’s image and its customer’s self-image will be refracted through the ‘prism’ of a star’s persona and produce a new set of perceptions … the reason it is tricky is that celebrities are unusual brands in that they talk back and they may also change […]

FCJ-103 James Brown, Sample Culture and the Permanent Distance of Glory

Steve Jones University of Sussex But here I am, the man Who started it all, and I’m glad, ‘Cause I’m number one, original, I know I’m bad ‘I’m Real’, James Brown Perhaps unsurprisingly, the James Brown song ‘I’m Real’ (1988) features the man himself lending a vocal turn (or two) to the track. The song […]

FCJ-102 Sputnik Baby

Ian Haig School of Art, RMIT University Psycho maniac interblend, shoot it up! Ever since punks were spotted walking through the rain soaked dystopic future streets in Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner(1981), a certain image of punk has been associated with ‘the future’; a kind of futuristic punk chic that also clearly owes something to the future agro […]

FCJ-101 How can you be found when no-one knows that you are missing?

Lisa Gye Media and Communicatons, Swinburne University ‘What the reader sees will not be what he hears’ James Joyce may have said this of Finnegans Wake ‘Since we have already said everything, the reader must bear with us if we continue on a while. If we extend ourselves by force of play. If we then […]

FCJ-100 Cultural Modulation and The Zero Originality Clause of Remix Culture in Australian Contemporary Art

Ross Rudesch Harley Professor of Media Arts, University of New South Wales Screenshot: ‘Astro Black: A History of Hip-Hop (Episodes 0-2)’ (2007-08) Soda_Jerk Pop Art’s ability to mash highbrow and lowbrow culture paved the way for Pop Tronic’s essentially mono-brow outlook… Pop Art strayed from Pop Tronics by whoring itself to generative creative arts such […]

FCJ-099 The Renewable Tradition (Extended Play Remix)

Mark Amerika Professor of Art and Art History, University of Colorado Quoting from his own short story ‘Death of the Novel’ Obviously there’s no progress in art. Progress toward what? The avant-garde is a convenient propaganda device, but when it wins the war everything is avant-garde, which leaves us just about where we were before. […]

Issue 15 – Remix

At first I had considered him to be as singular as the phoenix of rhetorical praise; after frequenting his pages a bit, I came to think I could recognize his voice, or his practices, in texts from diverse literatures and periods. I shall record a few of these here. Borges, ‘Kafka and His Precursors’ Many […]